Note: Each version comes in the form M.X.Y. An example being 0.3.2, where M is 0, X is 3, and Y is 2. For now, just download the latest release you find available.

Easy Windows Installation:

Download any file available under this release if you don't want to deal with installing Python and wxPython.
If you already have Python and wxPython installed, and want a smaller file to download, or run some flavor of Linux, download the M.X.Y release appropriate for your platform.

Windows Installation if you already have Python and wxPython installed:

Download any win32 file under this release. Note: you must have python and wxpython installed on your system to use this file.

1) Simply run the installer by double-clicking the downloaded file.   

2) Run the file that should be in the C:\Python22\lj directory, or in the lj directory wherever Python is installed on your system.

Linux Installation:


Download any file under this release that ends with the extension .tar.gz. Run this file if you are running Linux or some flavor of Unix. Prerequisites are that you must have Python and wxPython installed on your system. After downloading, extract the tarred and gzipped directory called lj. Here are the detailed steps from your shell assuming you are running bash:

shell > tar xvzf pyljclient-M.X.Y.tar.gz

Assuming you have extracted the lj directory in your home directory, e.g. /home/you/, edit .bash_profile, and add the following:
  • export PYTHONPATH

logout and then log back in or do source .bash_profile

shell > cd lj 

shell > chmod +x
Edit the first line of and specify path to python, e.g., my python is at /usr/bin/python, so my first line looks like #!/usr/bin/python
You can find this information by typing which python in your shell window.

shell > ./ 

Checking out from CVS:

cvs -z3 co project/lj

You will download the project from CVS with this command. Simply add the path to lj (in projects/lj) to your PYTHONPATH and you're ready to go. If you make any changes to any of the files and feel that they deserves to show up in the main development tree, email me the modified project file, or a patch.